Sterling Partners is a career readiness, retention, and student development firm comprised of educators, executive recruiters and career consultants that have their finger on the pulse of what employers are looking for in today’s graduates.

Sterling Partners and our Founder, Rick Sears, have years of experience developing career readiness programs to help higher learning institutions, all across the nation, increase their placement rates with stimulating workshops geared towards preparing your students to enter the workforce.  These programs double as a tremendous way to help motivate and inspire your students to graduate thus reducing a school's overall attrition rate.  And if that wasn’t enough, all our programs are accredited as valuable in-service hours for your staff, administrators, and instructors.


Rick and his team of award-winning education experts have grown to become one of the leading nationwide training, coaching, and counseling organizations.  We have helped tens of thousands of students, unemployed graduates, and alumni find the right jobs in their field through proper training, education and personal strategy development. 


Higher learning institutions have seen significant increases in their student placements, reduced attrition rates, and higher student morale, utilizing our amazing approach to student satisfaction.  

Congratulations to Cassie Richardson - team member of the year for 2021.

October 2021


Welcoming our 4 new education clients starting the 1st quarter of 2022.

November 2020


Announcing our new bundled pricing for the education industry.  

January 2022

The bad news... The United States education system has a major issue on their hands.  According to many national studies, over 60% of graduating students cannot find work in their field of study.  This is an absolutely horrible statistic that rarely seems to be addressed.  Read for yourself the numerous articles on this topic.
Now the good news...  For over 2 decades Rick Sears and his staff have been educating students from all around the nation on how to properly market oneself to their industry successfully.  It doesn't matter if your students are attending a 3-month trade school or receiving their MBA from an Ivy League institution, all the education and training in the world is useless unless the students know how to market themselves properly to today's industry.
That's where we come in!  Contact us today for a one-on-one discussion with Rick Sears.

Recent testimonials

"Rick Sears in an excellent career coach and speaker. I can describe Rick Sears in three words: knowledgeable, charismatic, and humble.  However, that would only scratch the surface..."
Dynisha - student workshop attendee


"I attended Rick’s Career Readiness Workshop which was one of the most inspiring and informational workshops I have ever attended. I feel lucky to have been a part of this educational event."
Cindy - student workshop attendee


"Rick was brought in to assist our students and staff for a three day period; with a strong focus on how to get the job! Our students responded very well to Rick and his advice..."
David - Director of Operations on a college campus


"I was very lucky to attend Rick’s Career Readiness workshop. This was one of the best presentations I had never attended. He is a great presenter and gave a lot of practical examples to be used right away..."

Teresa - student workshop attendee


"Rick Sears is the consummate professional. During his time here at our campus, he was gracious enough to share his extensive recruitment knowledge and business experience with the team and the individual team members...."

Steve - Career Services Advisor on a college campus







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