Book Rick Sears

Here is what you need to know before you book Rick Sears as your next keynote speaker or trainer.


  • Press kit - everything you need to about Rick and his team.  This will help your group make an informed decision on if Rick and his speaking style are right for your students and staff.   (request press kit)

  • Speaker brochure - a one sheet glimpse into Rick's trademark and style.  (request brochure)


Here is what you will need once you hire Rick Sears and his team.


  • Logistics and Audio/Visual checklist - a pre-program list to ensure your next event runs as smooth as possible.

  • Pre-program questionnaire - Rick's keynote talks are customized as much as possible to the attendees and where they need the most help.  That is why he always does his homework on his audience.  

  • Rick's biography and introduction script - here are several fun facts on Rick and a professional introduction to make it easy to present Rick to your students.

  • Rick's professional pictures - headshots and action images of Rick for your event marketing piece or program.


Please contact us to get the process of having Rick Sears visit your school.

We're looking forward to working with you and your students.