The Top 10 Secrets to Getting Hired

Are you searching for a job the right way?


This is the only guide you'll need on how to find a job the right way from one of the Nation's Leading Career Readiness Experts.


The Top 10 Secrets to Getting Hired

We asked Rick Sears, if he was unemployed, what processes, methods, and tips would he use to find a job.  Here are those answers in an easy-to-read 43 page eBook that gets immediately to the point.


Very rarely does a book come around where the author puts everything on the table, no holding back.  Rick Sears paints a picture of how to get hired with no sugarcoating, no BS, just straight-to-the-point items on how to get the job! 


He discusses in detail each of the 10 steps he would take to secure employment in less than 30 days.  We’ve been in staffing for more than 40 years and some of these steps even blew us away!  Rick covers the importance of tailoring the resume, not just to show the company that you can do the job, but to get past the automated screenings and applicant-tracking systems.

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"In less than the hour it took to read this book, I realized I've been looking for work the wrong way for over nine months. I wish I would have had this when I was laid off. It would have saved me almost a year in going the wrong direction!"   
- Katie Mills, Phoenix, AZ

  • If you haven’t heard about the T-Letter – this chapter alone will set you apart from 99 percent of the jobseekers out there.  It replaces – and far surpasses – the worn out, never-read cover letter.

  • In detail, he covers not only preparing properly for the interview, but mastering it once you are there.

  • Social media is beginning to play a huge role in how candidates are hired.  You need to be aware of how companies and recruiters are using the Internet to decide your fate within their organizations. 

  • How are 80 percent of jobs obtained today?  Networking.  Rick covers the basics of networking and how to do it properly


These are just a few of the topics Rick covers in the eBook that is taking the nation by storm.

"I have a bookshelf full of self-help and career-related books to assist in growing your career. Mr. Sears' book basically summed it all up into a simple-to-read book that has me on the right track to my next opportunity!"
- Ken Adams, Charlotte, NC

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To wrap up the book, Mr. Sears discusses his famous “Mentor Approach” that is guaranteed to get you in front of the right people.


It’s available for immediate download – with nothing else to purchase ever.